Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Orchestra Class Assignments and Trip Refunds


Be  sure that you all have a Smartmusic account by visiting smartmusic.com and using the code that is on your class blackboard and google classroom announcement page. There have been a few smartmusic assignments assigned already.  

The school is allowing students to come into the school this Wednesday, April 29th. They do an exceptional job of monitoring social distancing and are only allowing less than ten students into the building at a time, spread out. If you need to pick up an instrument or items from the school please do so. 

Some of you have asked if you could make up playing tests - this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to get your instrument so you could do that before the end of the third quarter.  Please look for a communication from the school (which you should already have) to make an appointment time or email Ms. Spaulding at CASpaulding@fcps.edu to set up an appointment time. 


All the pertinent information pertaining to a refund for the canceled NYC trip was sent via Charms, along with the the form you need to request a refund. Please make sure to fill out the  form for all trip payments as your payment histories have been submitted to the school and it is vitally important that the amount your request and the payment record match. There are instructions in Ms. Eck's email on how to submit the form, and to whom.