Monday, November 12, 2018

District Ten Honors Orchestra Auditions @ Justice, Tuesday November 12th

District Ten Honors Orchestra Auditions
~500 Students will be auditioning 
~30 directors will be visiting our school as judges

♫ Good luck!
♫ Don't forget to practice your scales and don't rush :)
♫ Many of you are signed up to register at 3:45pm, which will take place in the main lobby.
♫ Make sure you register before 7pm because registration will close at that time.

π„ž Thank you, it takes many hands to make this event run smoothly.
π„ž If you have signed up to be a room monitor/runner there will be a *brief* mandatory meeting today directly after school in the orchestra room to go over reminders, etc.
π„ž Wear your orchestra t-shirt, jeans and comfortable shoes.
π„ž Arrive in the orchestra room no later than 3:15 to start preparing.
π„ž The auditions *should* be over by 9pm tomorrow night.

𝄒 We are in need of many donations of drinks/snacks, etc. The directors are coming straight from their school and it will be a long night for them (think of donating Starbucks coffee :))
𝄒 If you have left over Halloween candy that you would like to see disappear, that will also be welcomed.
𝄒 Please sign up to donate here:
𝄒 Donations should be dropped off in the main office on Tuesday no later than 2:30pm, envelopes & trash bags are needed by Monday.

On behalf of Ms. Haynes and the Orchestra Boosters,
we appreciate all of your help and all of our support for your student
in either the audition process (it can be nerve-wracking!)
or allowing them to volunteer on a late night.
We love working with the families here at Justice!