Friday, October 26, 2018

District Honors Orchestra Auditions

District Honors Orchestra Auditions
at Justice High School 
on Tuesday November 13th 

ALL orchestra students are encouraged to audition!

There are two different orchestras - Junior (grades 7-9) and Senior (9-12).9th graders can audition for either one but they cannot audition for both. 
♫ This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what it is like to go through an audition process. 
♫ All of the students have had access the audition material since the beginning of school plus their playing assessment is on part of the audition material. 

Student will be selected for the District Honors Orchestra, based audition scores.

♬ The District Honors Orchestra event is January 10th - 12th at South County Secondary School. 
♬ The orchestra includes students from all over District 10, as well as guest directors who will work with the students.
♬ The event will end with a concert free to the public on January 12th at 3pm. 
♬ For any student who wishes to sign up, please fill out the Google Sign-Up form on Google Classroom by November 2nd, or have your parent email Ms. Haynes at and she can sign you up.
♬ Each audition only costs $5 which must be paid beforehand. Please submit payment to Ms. Haynes,  $5 cash or check made out to Orchestra Boostersby November 2nd.