Monday, May 6, 2019

SPRING CONCERT MAY 28 and Posting Pictures

Please join us for the Final Concert of the school year and the
Awards Ceremony following the concert!

May 28th, Tuesday @7pm

Students will be performing their favorite pieces chosen from performances in previous years (Seniors choice) and we will be honoring our orchestra students at the Awards Ceremony that will take place directly after the concert. 

In honoring the seniors we will present a senior slideshow with pictures from orchestra events and activities throughout their high school experience. Add any pertinent orchestra-related pictures to this dropbox file - and please add a senior picture (or one in similar style) and a baby picture of your senior. 

Examples of pertinent pictures: orchestra students, pictures at concerts/trips/gatherings and of course, our orchestra seniors, baby pictures, young musician, and graduation pictures especially. 

Here is the link:

    Please add all pictures by Friday May 17th.

Students will need to be at school NO LATER than 5:45pm on May 28th for warm-up or to change into their performance attire. 
Concert Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra - arrive and change at 5:45pm
Symphonic Orchestra - tune at 5:45pm
Chamber - tune at 6:10pm
Concert - tune at 6:30pm

 We are very much looking forward to this concert and hope to see you there!