Saturday, August 18, 2018


  • AUGUST 22nd, WEDNESDAY at 6:30pm in the Music Wing is the envelope stuffing day. We  work together as a department to stuff the envelopes distributed on TAG DAY. There are a LOT of envelopes to be stuffed, but "many hands make light work" - and you will be fed! FREE FOOD. Your volunteer time during envelope stuffing day counts towards the orchestra portion of the proceeds from TAG DAY. Our trip this year is to ORLANDO so every bit helps our program send more students there. 
  • TAG DAY is Saturday September 15th - mark your calendars!! 
  • Orchestra has ordered new T-Shirts  AND black polo shirts. Chamber orchestra members and all musicians going to Orlando will need to purchase a polo shirt as that will be the uniform. Polo shirts are $25 each and are made with very nice material - think Under Armour
  •  Chamber Orchestra students - the first performance is September 7th,  as people are walking in for the re-dedication ceremony for Justice High School. Arrival time is 4pm, performance at 4:40 - 5pm. Wear new black polo shirt. You will need your instruments the first day we have class, so remember to bring them. 
  • Symphonic and Concert Orchestra students - if you need to rent an instrument from the school, please send Ms. Haynes an email so she can get instruments prepared for you. Paperwork is boring - playing music is so much more fun! Let's start reading music as soon as possible.