Monday, April 17, 2017

Chicago Spring Trip 2017

Tuesday April 18th 
Mandatory Parents' Meeting 
for all music students going to Chicago
7pm @ Stuart Auditorium

  • Students will need to bring their suitcase to this meeting. They will drop it off after the meeting and it will be secured overnight in the school. Students will NOT have access to their suitcase again until Thursday evening so please do not pack anything that you might need before then (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.). These items will need to be placed in their "carry-on bag" that they will bring Wednesday evening. 
  • Parents -- if you signed the luggage search form stating that you will check the luggage yourself and verify that nothing has been placed in there that is illegal, or against school policy (medications, etc.) you will need to drop off the luggage yourself Tuesday evening. If you signed the luggage form stating that we can search the luggage prior to securing it, the student can wait in line to drop off the luggage. Luggage is searched in a private area. Please have the student's name on the luggage and do not lock the luggage. 
  • After the meeting there will be rehearsals with each of the music groups. Choir will rehearse right away while orchestra and band check their luggage. Orchestra and band will then have a rehearsal while choir checks their luggage. This will help with the flow of traffic. 
  • Water and Snack Donations Needed! We would like to have water on each of the three buses for the students and also snacks. In the past - chips, cookies, fruit snacks, crackers, trail mixes have been donated (usually from a store like Costco, etc.) If you would like to donate either water or food please bring the donation with you Tuesday night for the parent meeting and we can store it until the next day when we leave. 

More information PLUS itinerary available  on the Spring Trip 2017 Tab