Thursday, September 4, 2014

TAG DAY Saturday September 13th

Please mark your calendars for TAG DAY, September 13. TAG DAY is a Performing Arts Fundraiser. All of the students form the different performing ensembles go around the neighborhood and receive donations from the community. Every year the students raise over $30k in one day of fundraising. The funds are then divided between the 3 music disciplines depending on the participation of the students from that discipline.

Parents are actively involved in this fundraiser as well. Most parents act as drivers for the day. Each parent driver takes 4 students in their vehicle and drives a designated route through the community. Parents' hours are also included in the division of the funds so Parents are always encouraged to volunteer!

If you are interested in being a parent drive please sign up through the link below (or contact Ms. Haynes ASAP).

All orchestra students are expected to participate, so please mark your calendars. This event will take place 8am-3pm. Students will wear comfortable shoes, nice jeans, and their orchestra t-shirt.

The Orchestral Department thanks you in advance for your support of this very important fundraiser!